Casablanca, 1971.

SLVS. will be created in Paris in 2019 but yet it is here that our story begins.

It was in a small apartment in the Sidi Bernoussi neighborhood that my grandfather, locked in what he called his "lab", spoke with his hands and fashioned leather.

A soulful and avant-garde artist, he was one of those young creators that played a role in the leather revolution.

"There is nothing as priceless as good leather on your shoulders. It travels in time and gets you through life..."

That's what he used to say to me, when, gasping and sweating, he finally took a break from his hard labor.

On February 23, 2019 my grandfather left this world.

It is also on February 23, 2019 that I started to grasp the meaning of all these hours spent with him.

It was this February 23 that I realized that, without ever imposing it to me, my grandfather gave me pieces by pieces the love of leather throughout those 27 years

It is now my turn to make him proud.

With SLVS. I upheld the same values while changing the codes to give a new vision of leather.

With modern cuts and a highly recognizable orange pressure I wanted to bring a touch of modernity to traditional jackets that look too often the same.

But SLVS. is not just a brand, it's also a commitment.

A commitment to sustainable fashion and traditions. SLVS. advocates quality over quantity and fully take part of the Slow Fashion movement.

A SLVS jacket. is both a little bit of history and a new vision of the world.